The Prime 3 Gift Set

The Prime 3 Gift Set
Item# P304

Product Description

DESCRIPTION | The Prime 3 Gift Set is a selection of our fine teas brought together at an incredible price. The perfect choice to introduce friends and family to Weaver's selection of hand-selected teas.

CHINESE BLACK | A large portion of this wonderful blended black tea originates in beautiful mountains of Yunnan, China. It is orange-hued black tea, a full leaf FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) with subtle floral notes. This blend also contains four of the most extraordinary black teas - Ceylon, Assam, Keemun, and Darjeeling. Our unique blend is well balanced, bold and smooth, with an unforgettable aroma. Our Chinese Black also makes a great iced tea. Find out more.

DRAGONWELL GREEN | This is the most renowned of all Chinese green teas. A story passed down from one generation to the next tells how this tea was grown near a legendary well inhabited by dragons. The jade colored green leaves are flattened by hand in a heated wok to create their characteristic shape. When the leaves open, they release a mellow chestnut flavor and a slightly sweet finish. Find out more.

CHAMOMILE LEMON BLOSSOM HERBAL | Chamomile is known throughout the world for its relaxing properties. We bring our Chamomile Lemon Blossom Herbal to you by infusing the sweetness of the chamomile flower with the warm sunshine of the lemon myrtle. Find out more.

INGREDIENTS | Chinese Black and Chamomile Herbal contain Certified Organic Teas.
UNIT PRICE | $34.99 for the complete set (gift wrapping included).
NET WEIGHT | 3/4 lb (12oz/339g) of tea.
SHIP WEIGHT | 2.5 lb

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