The Finest 3 Gift Set

The Finest 3 Gift Set
Item# F304

Product Description

DESCRIPTION | The Finest 3 Gift Set is a premium selection of our hand-selected, fine teas for connoisseur in us all.

CHINESE BLACK | A large portion of this wonderful blended black tea originates in beautiful mountains of Yunnan, China. It is orange-hued black tea, a full leaf FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) with subtle floral notes. This blend also contains four of the most extraordinary black teas - Ceylon, Assam, Keemun, and Darjeeling. Our unique blend is well balanced, bold and smooth, with an unforgettable aroma. Our Chinese Black also makes a great iced tea. Find out more.

MYSTIC DRAGON WHITE™ | This unique and distinctive tea is picked in early spring in the Hunan province of China. Bai Mu Dan is plucked just prior to the opening of the tea buds. When brewed, this tea treats you to an intricate tantalizing of the senses. Smooth, lush flavor with sweet aroma and a rich body. Rare and limited. Find out more.

OOLONG TWISTED-LEAF™ | From Southeastern China, these tealeaves are picked in tropical heat during the summer season, and then hand-twisted and left to dry to various shades of green, red and brown, with a silvery sheen. Their honey-like liquor is light, yet rich, imparting a full-bodied, savory flavor. Find out more.

INGREDIENTS | Chinese Black contains Certified Organic Teas.
UNIT PRICE | $49.99 for the complete set (gift wrapping included).
NET WEIGHT | 3/4 lb (12oz/339g) of tea.
SHIP WEIGHT | 2.5 lb

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