The Artisan 4 Gift Set

The Artisan 4 Gift Set
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DESCRIPTION | The Artisan 4 Gift Set is made up of our best-selling, premier coffees; each in a class of its own - the new standard in hand-crafted coffee.
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ORGANIC BLEND | Named "Best Organic Coffee" on NBC's TODAY SHOW, this rich blend is crafted using beans grown at high altitude from premier regions that span the equatorial belt. Using multiple roast levels to achieve its robust body, this 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certifiedô blend boasts bright flavor notes and a natural, sweet chocolate and caramel finish. Find out more.

THE BLENDô | This hardy, rich blend is composed of our Master Roasterís favorite coffees sourced the finest equatorial regions within Africa, Central America, and Indonesia. Each coffee is individually hand-roasted to realize the savory characteristics of each origin. Once blended, the various coffees compliment each other. The result is a magnificent, robust blend that is complex and rich in flavor. No fancy name - The Blendô is simply artisan coffee at its finest. Find out more.

ETHIOPIA NATURAL ORGANIC | From the "Land of Higher Peace", drink in the clarity of coffee's origin. Our farms use a unique natural dry-process rather than the typical wet-process method used in most equatorial growing regions. The whole coffee cherry is uniformly dried in the sun; then the surrounding skin, fruit layer, and parchment shell of each individual seed are removed. Our delicious, 100% Certified Organic Ethiopia is then sorted using a meticulous screen/density method which produces only excellent dry-processed coffee. In the cup, this remarkable coffee boasts a deep, mocha bouquet with intense blueberry and marmalade fruit notes through to a clear, refined finish. Find out more.

DECAF ORGANIC BLEND | This 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certifiedô blend uses an all-natural water process that results in a rich, full-flavored coffee without the caffeine. Our Decaf Organic Blend is full-bodied with hints of malt and a warm, natural caramel finish. Find out more.

INGREDIENTS | Organic Blend, Ethiopia Natural Organic, and Decaf Organic Blend contain 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certifiedô coffee beans.
UNIT PRICE | $59.99 for the complete set (gift wrapping included).
NET WEIGHT | 4 lb (64oz/1,816g) of coffee.
SHIP WEIGHT | 5.7 lb

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