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APRIL 25, 2009 | New York
The Today Show: Taste Test - 5 best coffees to brew at home.
"April 25, 2009: For many, a good cup of coffee is vital to starting the day right. TODAY food editor Phil Lempert joins NBC’s Amy Robach and Lester Holt to unveil the best of the beans."

MAY 14, 2008 | San Francisco, California
Roast with the Most.
"Local roasters have long been influenced by Alfred Peet, who founded his coffee emporium on Vine Street in Berkeley in 1966. Having learned the trade from his father in the Netherlands, Peet created coffees characterized by full body, robust flavor and toasty notes.
Peet, who died in August, is credited with ushering in the current era of specialty coffee - mostly because he trained Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegel, who went on to found Starbucks, the company that popularized Peet's dark-roast style.
John Weaver joined Peet's in the early '80s, after Peet sold the company but was still the coffee buyer. The longhaired surfer kid learned to roast and select coffees under Peet's exacting standards.
In those days, cupping - the industry term for tasting coffees that are being considered for purchase or to monitor roasting quality - was a formal affair.
"The senior person would taste first, and then everyone would taste, and then I would have to make the first comments," recalls Weaver.
During a cupping that included a coffee from Guatemala, which tends to be subtle and nuanced, and one from Kenya, which is brighter and easier to like on the first sip, Peet asked Weaver to pick his favorite. Weaver chose the Kenya, whereby Peet replied, "You're wrong!"
Instead of being fired on the spot, Weaver stayed with the company for 27 years, the last two decades as master roaster. Last fall, he left to open Weaver's Coffee & Tea. Its beans are sold online and will soon be available at a few San Francisco and East Bay Whole Foods stores."
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by Tara Duggan, Chronicle Staff Writer, The San Francisco Chronicle

MAY 7, 2008 | Washington, D.C.
Gift ideas for mom
"For the coffee lover who boasts that she can tell the difference between Sumatra and Mocha-Java, why not give mom some Weaver's coffee? New on the market, John Weaver is a master roaster whose coffee is meticulously selected, hand-roasted and blended. You can find out more at"
by Diane Rossen Worthington, The Washington Times

JANUARY 18, 2008 | San Francisco, California
John Weaver: The art of making coffee
by Tiffany Maleshefski, The Examiner

DECEMBER 12, 2007 | San Francisco, California
Master coffee roaster leaves Peet's to start his own company
by The San Francisco Business Times