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Product Reviews: Weaver's Coffee & Tea

"Weaver's, a coffee roaster hailing from the West Coast, has been making quiet headlines in the coffeehouses of the US. They offer a variety of "fresh, hand-crafted artisan coffees, noted for their dark roast philosophies. Have a peek at their website and you'll see for yourself - all but one are dark, some extra dark. If a dark roast is your kind of cuppa, Weaver's has some rich goodness for you.

Their Organic Blend "Full-Bodied, Sweet Caramel Finish" is lovely. I am not a huge coffee drinker but I certainly enjoy a good cup of coffee. This has become my weekend morning special.

Weaver's is extending their reach by making their coffees available in better grocery and gourmet food stores. If you're a coffee lover, give Weaver's a try. Not only do they have smooth, rich coffees to offer, they are organic and fair trade certified. Feel good about the coffee you drink. Check out their teas and gift packages too."
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Review by Cynthia Mosher, VegFamily Editor, VegFamily Magazine: The Magazine for Vegan Family Living New Products Hits & Misses
Weaver’s Coffee and Tea The Blend Coffee Beans
97 point rating of 100 - "This product is a HIT! Well you might already know this, but we'll say it anyway; WE LOVE COFFEE (check out our newsletter Coffee Chat NewsCoffee Chat News if you don't believe us)and when we first received our package of Weaver's we instantly noticed the rich aroma, that was even powerful enough to even make its way through the vacuum sealed bag. Typically coffee varieties that have any kind of "blend" reference in their name make us wary right off the bat – however this was one of the best cups of coffee we've ever had. Needless to say, the actual recipe is proprietorial, but Weaver's did divulge that this blend contains seven of John Weaver, the master roaster's, favorite beans that have been roasted at 3 different temperatures. Hmmm, very mysterious; something to ponder as you sip. The only improvement we could even think of would be Fair Trade Certification; as long as that delicious taste isn't affected..."
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by Phil Lempert,
Picky Eater: Tumaro's tortillas better than sliced bread.
"COFFEE QUANDARY: Last week, I tried the newest Starbucks blend, Guatemala Casi Cielo coffee, and liked it so much that I decided to tell you all about it - how it's so chocolatey and satisfying that it could take the place of dessert. I was especially happy that every cup of Casi Cielo helps support the building and operation of medical clinics on two farms in Guatemala. But that was before I tried a mug of perfectly roasted Sumatra coffee from Weaver's, a San Francisco coffee company started just last year by former Peet's roaster John Weaver. I have no idea why Weaver parted ways with Peet's but I do know that Weaver definitely knows what he's doing. His coffee is stellar. The flavors are utterly pure and clean, not a bit over-roasted - a peeve I have with so many of the top coffee brands. So the question remains: Casi Cielo or Weaver's Sumatra? I'd grab the mug of Sumatra first, and put the Casi Cielo in an old fashioned thermos for later."
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by Jolene Thym - Staff Writer, The Essential Blog for the Discriminating Drinker
Review: Weaver's Coffee "The Blend"
"I tried Weaver’s “The Blend,” and it’s a real treat. Though I’m not the obsessive coffee drinker than many of you surely are, I found The Blend to make one of the best home-brewed cups of coffee I’d ever encountered. Rich without being bitter and acidic, it’s a heady brew that literally filled the house with chocolaty and woody aroma when we ground the beans. I take coffee with a touch of sugar, which balanced things perfectly. The dense nuttiness was just right with a little sweetness on top of it."
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by Christopher Null,

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To Fill Your Cup
"We know, we know, local local local! But sometimes we crave a decadent cup of Kona, or Peru Organic, and we have to fan out beyond our fair city.
Enter: Weaver’s Coffee. Exotic, rich varietals and artisan blends harvested at the peak of perfection, and never over-roasted. They’re shipped to your door in gorgeous packaging that enhances the java experience. Weaver’s Coffee also makes a great gift for coffee addicts! And with Mother’s and Father’s Day coming up, well…"
by Portland Picks of the City Picks Group

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