Weaver's X Japonica Murasaki Gift Set

Weaver's X Japonica Murasaki Gift Set
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DESCRIPTION | In the East, gifts are made using many intricate details to create a single, stunning presentation. Our friends at JAPONICA have produced these alluring gift sets that offer a the best of the East Bay, the West Coast, and the Far East. Owner-operator, Valerie Nara, has carefully assembled and selected each premium element of these sets to uniquely complement each other. Searching for that perfect gift? These charming sets offer a truly unique and memorable coffee experience.

Since 2002, Japonica has cultivated a loyal following for its unique gifts and floral designs. Japonica has since expanded and added an espresso cafe in 2009 where they were the first to serve Weaver's Coffee in San Francisco.

Choose one from any of the following coffees for your set | Guatemala Antigua, Africa Blend, Aged Mocha Java, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra Organic

SANTA ROSA PLUM JAM | The Santa Rosa plum is a cross between an ancient Japanese variety and the wild American plum. Due to its delicate nature, the Santa Rosa plum is grown and handpicked by a few small, local farmers, and it's jam is highly coveted. Prepared by the Buxman family, located in the Central Valley of California, the fruits are certified California Clean (using neither synthetic nor natural toxins), harvested only when tree-ripened, and made to order. Paul Buxman is also an accomplished illustrator and painter and his artwork is featured on the packaging of this special jam.

KANSO VASE | A traditional Japanese garden would not be complete without sculptural pieces of stone, a water feature and plant life. This modern vase created using textured black slate incorporates stone, water and nature - true zen. Valerie suggests that it can also be used as a platform to display or burn your peony candle.

This set also includes an imported sapling demitasse spoon, fashioned from recycled food-safe metals and peony candle. All pieces are exquisitely packaged in a purple mulberry paper box adorned with a handmade paper blossom.

INGREDIENTS | Plum Jam - Locally grown, tree-ripened fruit, sugar, fruit pectin, ascorbic acid.
UNIT PRICE | $69.99 for the complete set (Cherry blossom flowers not included).
NET WEIGHT | 12oz of jam and 16oz of coffee.
SHIP WEIGHT | 5.5 lb

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