Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend
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Product Description

 LIMITED OFFER | Available only between November and January.

DESCRIPTION | Featuring 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ coffee from remote farms high in the mountains, this festive blend is full-bodied and complex with a delicate chocolate finish. Available for only a limited time this holiday season. Make this fresh, hand-crafted blend a part of your holiday celebrations!
This special coffee supports a better life for farming families through fair prices, community development, and environmental stewardship. Weaver's makes an additional contribution to Coffee Kids for each pound of coffee sold online.

INGREDIENTS | 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ coffee beans.
UNIT PRICE | $13.99 per 16oz/454g
NET WEIGHT | 16oz/454g
SHIP WEIGHT | 1.3 lb

"Not even Peet's Holiday Blend compares! Keep up the fantastic selection and roasting!" - Chris (via Weaver's Facebook)

"Hey Guys, Love the new Holiday Blend!! Just put a presspot out and everyone has really enjoyed it. Great job on the blend and the roast. Cheers" - Anonymous (via email)

"Dear Michael and John, How could we not try your Holiday Blend? Obviously, I have to get a couple of pounds for the sisters." - Shira (via customer comments)

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