Hawaiian Kona Reserve

Hawaiian Kona Reserve
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DESCRIPTION | "Aloha E Komo Mai!" Weaver's welcomes its very first White-Label Reserve - Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Our Kona Reserve is made of only 100% pure, top-grade extra fancy Kona coffee beans. "Extra Fancy" is a classification system used by the State of Hawaii to regulate bean size/quality and represents the highest grade that Hawaiian farms produce. Our Master Roaster delicately roasts these special beans so they realize their optimum flavor. Medium-bodied with a sweet finish and as easy-going as the Hawaiian lifestyle itself, our Kona Reserve brings the spirit of "aloha" to your cup.

UNIT PRICE | $24.99 per 8oz/227g
NET WEIGHT | 8oz/227g
SHIP WEIGHT | 0.7 lb
"Love this Coffee!!! :)" - Kelly (via customer comments)

"Peet's drinker here of 15 years. Was excited to see you have distribution in Whole Foods. Here to try Kona & Africa Blend. Looking forward to trying your coffees John..." - William (via customer comments)

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