Ethiopia Natural Organic

Ethiopia Natural Organic
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DESCRIPTION | From the "Land of Higher Peace", drink in the clarity of coffee's origin. Our farms use a unique natural dry-process rather than the typical wet-process method used in most equatorial growing regions. The whole coffee cherry is uniformly dried in the sun; then the surrounding skin, fruit layer, and parchment shell of each individual seed are removed. Our delicious, 100% Certified Organic Ethiopia is then sorted using a meticulous screen/density method which produces only excellent dry-processed coffee.

In the cup, this remarkable coffee boasts a deep, mocha bouquet with intense blueberry and marmalade fruit notes through to a clear, refined finish.

INGREDIENTS | 100% Certified Organic coffee beans.
UNIT PRICE | $16.99 per 16oz/454g
NET WEIGHT | 16oz/454g
SHIP WEIGHT | 1.3 lb

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