Espresso Blend

Espresso Blend
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Product Description

DESCRIPTION | This blend has been crafted especially for espresso aficionados. Full-bodied with remarkable depth - flavor overtones of fine wine, citrus and berry, ending with a super-sweet finish. Explosive to the palate if you drink it black. When pulled correctly, this blend boasts a fine, full crema. An incredible coffee foundation for the wide variety of blended espresso drinks created today. Also excellent when brewed using a press pot or drip machine.

UNIT PRICE | $12.99 per 16oz/454g
NET WEIGHT | 16oz/454g
SHIP WEIGHT | 1.3 lb
"Hello Mr. Weaver, I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed my first purchase from Weaver's Coffee and Tea. I brewed the espresso blend in a presspot at home and loved its richness and depth. Then I took it to work with me for comparisons, another presspot and a short shot of espresso. Awesome. In the press it has a lot going on and a great meaty richness, but the shot was even more extravagant. Loved the dry finish, and the tang of subtle fruit and acidity. And the feel is so creamy, just right!..." - Michael (via email)

"Mike, I got my's awesome! I tried the Organic Blend, and the Espresso ...absolutely delicious...I love the ziplock bags. Thanks for everything. You have a customer for life!!!" - Joe (via email)

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