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"The aged mocha java is amazing, you really get more depth from aging - it was a surprise. I just wish you had a retail outlet here PA." - Greg (via Weaver's Facebook)

"Mike, I got my's awesome! I tried the Organic Blend, and the Espresso ...absolutely delicious...I love the ziplock bags. Thanks for everything. You have a customer for life!!!" - Joe (via email)

"Go John Go.....People, his coffee is OFF THE CHARTS,,,,,TRY IT." - Kyle (via Weaver's Facebook)

"Thank you for the great, fresh coffee that you provide. My wife and I have a fresh cup of french press every morning outside. It has brought us closer together when we share a nice cup of Joe!" - Mike (via customer comments)

"Best coffee I've ever tasted. Can't wait until you start selling in stores on the East Coast." - Judith (via customer comments)

"Hi John :) Today is my Birthday and I am treating myself to my Favorite Coffee of Yours - the Kona , and the other Aged Mocha Java that You sent the Beautiful email on last week :) I saw my comment re the Kona on the website while ordering! :) Lots of Love to You and Your Dad and Family and Staff -- A.G. Kawamura and Staff also Loved the Kona :) Good Stuff!! :) God Bless You!!" - Kelly (via customer comments)

"Love you guys! Can't wait till you make it to San Diego. I will cherish my bag of beans until then. Thanks so much John!" - Arianne (via Weaver's Facebook)

"Thank you John Weaver, for this lavish, sumptuous, and now very necessary part of my life, your coffee is making me a better person. I quite drinking coffee three years ago, I switched to Kombucha (of all things). Coffee was a passion of mine but it just seemed to become dull and I weighed it down with milk and sugar...I am captivated by the bright clean and pronounced flavors offered by Weavers Coffee. I now go to bed early so that I may wake up in the morning and have a perfect cup of liquid ecstasy, then I will go to work and make more to share with a thirsty world of coffee enthusiasts. It is starting a serious buzz at our store and I appreciate the artisan craft that you have brought to life. Drinking it Hot and Black!" - Alexander (via email)

"Your coffee and your customer service is second to none. I wish you continued success with your company. Thanks again" - Christian (via email)

"Peet's drinker here of 15 years. Was excited to see you have distribution in Whole Foods. Here to try Kona & Africa Blend. Looking forward to trying your coffees John. So bad ass!!" - William (via customer comments)

"Thanks for the superb coffee. Just by serving your coffee to friends up here in Camp Connell, you have two more customers than myself." - Steve (via customer comments)

"Hey Guys, Love the new Holiday Blend!! Just put a presspot out and everyone has really enjoyed it. Great job on the blend and the roast. Cheers" - Anonymous (via email)

"We love The Blend! We're going to switch from Peet's to Weavers, and I'm sending this to my parents, so they can try it too." - Shelagh (via customer comments)

"Love, love LOVE your coffee!" - Susan (via customer comments)

"We're missing our weaver's fix!!! Hope you guys are having a busy pre-holiday season." - Neora (via customer comments)

"I forwarded that silly friend email because one of the questions was what did you eat last and I went on and on about your coffee and included your web site in case you didn't know why you got that email or read it. Drinking some right now...yum!" - Amy (via customer comments)

"Dear Michael and John, How could we not try your Holiday Blend? Obviously, I have to get a couple of pounds for the sisters." - Shira (via customer comments)

"Love this Coffee!!! :)" - Kelly (via customer comments)

"Hi Michael and John, The organic blend is incredible. My new favorite. Hope all is well with you both. And hope business is booming." - Shira (via customer comments)

"Michael, you say you have been busy. No doubt, but I also have no doubt your will be wildly successful. Why? Because this entire project was designed to succeed. Superb website, excellent attention to detail, and bottom line a fabulous product. You didn't cut corners on the look and feel of the website or the product itself. I love the packaging for example. Each pound gorgeously wrapped with an eminently useful reusable tape that actually works and a clip. And each package has beautiful rectangular angular dimensions. This kind of beauty of presentation is something you'd expect to see in Japan, but not necessarily here. What wonderful final touches. Plus, after all the visual beauty, the product itself delivers fully in taste quality. Finally, you understand customer service, it is evident in everything you are doing. Keep up the great work!" - Steve (via email)

"Second order. Am hooked. Thanks from a now former Peetniks. When is Weaver's going to be available in Berkeley? Like Whole Foods on Telegraph? Waiting patiently for my local fix. Thanks. Superb coffee, Turning friends onto you." - Pat (via customer comments)

"Thank you for keeping in the tradition of specialty coffees and teas. I am completely excited to hear that you roasted at Peet's for so many years and can't wait to taste your coffee, Thank you" - Cameron (via customer comments)

"Your coffee is amazing. It also feels great to support someone who learned from Mr. Peet himself." - Andy (via customer comments)

"order #3. Love the coffee!!!" - Steve (via customer comments)

"...sent us the coffee and we loved it, so here we are!! Thanks." - Gail (via customer comments)

"Love this stuff! When will a "loyalty program" be up and running?" - Brad (via customer comments)

"Peetnik ready for more artisan coffee like Peets used to be in the old days. Looking forward to tasting your craft." - Pat (via customer comments)

"I hope you open up over here in the East Bay soon. I work in Emeryville and I'm pretty sure I can smell the roasting going on! :)" - Lia (via customer comments)

"We had talked about coffee a couple weeks ago ahead of my order. I received promptly, had to wait to get get a new grinder, bought from Bodum per John's recommendation. Finest grind works perfectly with AeroPress. The Sumatran and the French are superb. I take a strong black cup with the Sumatran, my wife takes espresso strength with the French with milk for latte. I think best coffee we have every had. It makes this beautiful chocolate-shake looking slurry in the Aero and just comes out perfectly. I am not a fan of The Blend. Also, really impressed with the packaging. Nice bag, attractive graphics, and appreciated the clip! Most of all, the custom roasting and the taste, not unrelated of course. Thanks" - Brad (via customer comments)

"Every night I work I brew a pot of Weavers coffee. Every night I work with a different mix of people so I tell them about it....with great passion I realized when people would comment on it. Someone asked if I had stock in the company. I said no, I just love this coffee. Maybe I really should get stock in it since I am so passionate about it? Do you have investors? Thanks." - Amy (via customer comments)

"Stephanie referred your product as THE best coffee!" - Rebecca (via customer comments)

"I am writing because since we have returned from England we have been starting the day with Weaver's Coffee...When I next go to Heinen's Market I am going to take the package with me and ask them to order it. It is very very good coffee. So - this is by way of thanking you and telling you how much we have enjoyed it." - Ann (via email)

"I am the violin teacher for the Weaver kids in Thornton. I love your coffee! They gave me a bag of the house blend and I am hooked." - Sarah (via customer comments)

"I LOOOOVE this coffee! I have been in heaven the past few days drinking it. I gave one bag to my very good friend (I'm sure she will be a convert after tomorrow morning...waiting for the phone call about how fabulous it is) and had to hurry and order so I don't run out. I'm going to take the bag of drip to work. I'm a Pediatric RN in a hospital and many of the oncology kids are in the hospital months on end. It's fun to run around and tell the parents we have made fresh...really, really great coffee. It gives us all something to look forward to and breaks up the night. Thanks for the happy moment.
I love your label, web site, customer service and you hardly ever get a hand written note with your shipment. I thought that was all class. Over and above what is expected. I'm sure your business will be very successful with your high quality products and personable service. Best wishes!" - Amy (via customer comments)

"You guys officially have a bunch of fans and a new customer in Saratoga Springs, NY. Your coffee has been the topic around the office this week. Some comments I have heard or gotten via email:
"Oh this is coffee is so good. Tastes pretty pure, clean."
"Fantastic coffee, you can tell from the minute you open the beans, they are oily, not dry and burned like other roasters thanks for getting this, I'm really enjoying the cup."
"The coffee was very good, the smell yesterday was killing me and when I went to get some there was nothing left."
I've heard everyone likes the new coffee, I haven't drank coffee at the office since I started here but have to try a cup today right now.
Thanks for the coffee!" - Aileen (via email)

"Hi John, I know you're going to read this... yep, I'M ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU ARE because I know this is your baby and you're going to handle it with lots of TLC.
Thank you for "the Blend"... damn good. Knew it was even before we brewed it at the Skunk 'cuz we could smell the rock solid flavor through the bag.
I was a fan of yours 27 years ago when I use to go to Berkeley and now I will continue to follow my coffee guru. Thanks, John!" - Lizzie (via email)

"Hello Mr. Weaver, I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed my first purchase from Weaver's Coffee and Tea. I brewed the espresso blend in a presspot at home and loved its richness and depth. Then I took it to work with me for comparisons, another presspot and a short shot of espresso. Awesome. In the press it has a lot going on and a great meaty richness, but the shot was even more extravagant. Loved the dry finish, and the tang of subtle fruit and acidity. And the feel is so creamy, just right!..." - Michael (via email)

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