Artisan Craft


HAND-CRAFTED, ARTISAN COFFEE & TEA | We know roasting coffee is an art - a means of nurturing and developing flavor. Each coffee bean has a different size, shape, color, and density which then requires a unique balance of heat and timing to realize the full potential of the coffee bean's “origin” flavor. The key difference between a Master Roaster hand-crafting your coffee and the roasting machinery used by large companies is they repeat the same process every roast, without any attention to the subtle nuances or adjustments necessary for each crop or blend composition.

CUP PERFECTION™ | At Weaver's, we strive for what can only be described as "CUP PERFECTION"™. From start to finish, we meticulously select, blend, hand-roast, and taste every crop/batch so that all of our coffees and teas have realized their full potential before ever reaching the cup. We share the techniques we've learned and refined through both our professional and personal experiences which customers can then use once they get our coffee home. All of these factors assure that "Cup Perfection"™ is yours for the drinking.